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Sophisticated and savvy, engaging and entertaining, and all around sweethearts, Delpha and Delerice Clarke, affectionately known as "The Barbie Twins," are two of the most sought after talents in the entertainment and fashion industries today.


Bajan, Dominican and Bahamian—Americans, Delpha and Delerice are of a diverse, affluent and rich heritage. 


They have been in the public eye for more than a decade, gaining initial fame and becoming 21st Century pop culture icons, as international motivational speakers, mentors, actresses, models, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, hostesses and media personalities.


As the CEO's of D&D Couture, Incorporated, The Barbie Twins run an international-wide boutique, where they expand their brand through various lines, such as jewelry, cosmetics, clothing and the all new Couture Lips lipstick line. 


Together, earning their undergraduate degrees, Delpha and Delerice are not only advocates for education, but they are a voice to the socioeconmic systems of the world. 


They have been featured in various movie commercials, such as Zanmi The Movie and "The Hollywood Live" club commercial. Not only are they starring in the upcoming television show "A Divine Light", they have recently released the movie "Loving Zanmi" starring Delpha, who plays Delerice's sister (Natalie), unfolding a seat-edging story about romance, scandal and heartbreak. 


They have also been headlined in various magazines, to include Shades Wedding Magazine, Hype Hair Magazine, Miami Style Magazine, Hair Diva Magazine and Black Women Style Report. 


As hosts of a new show, you can catch them interviewing some of your favorite celebrities on "In The Mix Live TV", a weekly celebrity-driven entertainment television show that brings its viewers closer to exclusive celebrity interviews and hot topics. They also host their own television show, A La Mode Miami, featuring the best of fashion design and tips in South Florida.


As reality show superstars, in April of 2013, they returned from filming the Ultimate Miami Girl Realty Show which will premiere between Fall of 2013 and Spring of 2014; a show that began with a competition of over 2,000 girls, ending with them being two of the top ten finalists in a Miami Mansion. 


The Barbie Twins have been involved in the pageant industry for almost two decades, wearing many hats which have included anywhere from being volunteers, contestants, pageant directors, judges and pageant coaches. 


As national titleholders, Delpha has held such titles as Miss Christian Florida, Miss Fort Lauderdale, Miss Runway, Ms. Florida Beautiful and Delerice has held titles such as Miss Pompano Beach, Miss Miami United States, Miss USA Caribbean Beauty, Miss South Florida Beautiful and last but not least, Ms. International Beautiful, a title they both individually won just a year apart in 2011 and 2012. Currently, Delpha is the reigning Miss Gospel International and Delerice is the reigning Miss Summer Florida.


At present, they are the producers and international directors of the Miss LCA International Pageant System, a not-for-profit mentorship association, with a vision to share what is natural through a living grace of young ladies, to ensure self worth, self esteem and family values. Delpha and Delerice believes in promoting positive life experiences through the events that they run. 


As the newest faces of Allure Hair Boutique, Delpha and Delerice have been making headlines everywhere for their amazing poise and unique sophistication. 


Amidst their many amazing talents, accolades, accomplishments and spirits of philanthropy, their lives are sincerely a testament of God's favor and unconditional love. They live to be an example to others and continues to be that example with each passing day. As women indeed of value, virtue, and potency, their beauty on the outside is no match for the inner beauty they bare, that displays in every aspect of their lives.

Meet The Barbie Twins

 About Delpha & Delerice...

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